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In order to maintain a quality of articles, Tremulous Wiki has a series of standards to which we require articles to comply. These standards are designed to keep the quality of the wiki high and allow the utility of its information to endure.



All articles are to be written in proper English. That includes punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar. "1337" speak and other such common internet dialects are not permitted, and any such edits will be promptly removed, with a possibility of any information they include being discarded.

Wiki Style

All pages should be written in an informative deatached style. Questions are not to be asked of the reader. Basically, write as if you were writing an encyclopedia article.

First Paragraph

The first paragraph of a page should be a brief description of the page's subject, and contain no sections. This is typically what the user will read when they are looking for the purpose of the article, and should be as informative as possible.


Writing must be concise, and to the point. Do not run on. State what is important, and leave the fodder behind. Divide up separate ideas by sections, or at least line breaks.


Wiki linking

Pages are to contain wiki links, but not an excess. Only terms that are obscure, relevant to the discussion at hand, or fully defined should be linked. For example, the term "cow" does not need to be linked, while the term "ATCS" does, as ATCS is a formally defined map.


Pages are to be divided up into useful sections, using standard section format. Pages containing no sections may be considered stubs, as they are relatively difficult to navigate, and may appear to have a sparse amount of information


Images are generally to be placed on the left or right side of the page, close to the line that concerns them. If the purpose of an image is unclear, please add a caption.


If a page does not meet these standards, please mark it with the {{Cleanup}} template. All pages marked with this template can be seen here

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