Timbo, Thursday 18th of November 2004 19:42:48 GMT Scheduled testing games

We're planning on having games on Friday (19th), Saturday (20th) and Sunday (21st) starting at 2200GMT (which is 1400PST, 1700EST). If you're thinking about playing please connect to the IRC channel (#tremulous irc.quakenet.org) too, as it really makes things easier from an organisational point of view. Make sure you hang around too, it's useless joining for a minute or two, not getting a response and quitting.

See the below news post for more details regarding how to get Tremulous. I hope to see you there!

Timbo, Sunday 14th of November 2004 15:05:23 GMT Tremulous beta testing

Tremulous is nearing completion (no really), and as such needs testing in order to balance it. Over the past few months we've conducted relatively low volume testing on a weekly basis by enlisting people closely involved with Tremulous. It would be nice to get some higher volume games together though, in order to make sure that Tremulous scales well. As you can see by viewing our balance data it is still not perfect (the aliens win slightly more often than the humans), but it is getting closer. Given a significantly large number of higher volume games, correcting the balance quickly should not be excessively difficult.

Tremulous can be downloaded from the files section. The beta is currently stored and updated off site as sourceforge's download system is inadequate for something updated so frequently. The test server is acheron.r1gameservers.com:27960. Our IRC channel is #tremulous on irc.quakenet.org. Joining this is very useful for organising games. Have fun!

Timbo, Friday 12th of December 2003 03:00:00 GMT Particle System

Not content with two news updates in a week, I decided I should add a third. Besides fixing bugs and dealing with media integration, one of the things I have been up to lately has been to develop a particle system for Tremulous. Essentially this is an evolution of the earlier "spriter" system that was used to create simple particle effects in maps.

The new particle system is fully generalised and used for all of Tremulous' in game particle effects. Particle systems may be attached to any model or point in space such as a gun muzzle or a projectile impact on a wall. A map entity named misc_particle_system has also been created to allow for particle effects in maps. The particle systems themselves are defined textually using a relatively simple but versatile description language. This is explained in the development forum. Screenshots don't really do the particle system justice, so instead we have created a short (xvid codec) video demonstrating some of its features. Many thanks go to Jex for putting in the time to make the demo map and particle systems seen in the video.

Development is going steadily at the moment, and with the holidays coming up there is likely to be a boost in activity for a while. With a bit of luck we can get a significant amount done over the coming weeks, bringing a public release ever closer.

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