Timbo, Monday 27th of March 2006 21:25:22 GMT Release date and promo video

So, by now you all will have noticed the typo I made in the last post; when I said "weeks" I of course meant "months"! Nevermind that though, as we now have a release date: Friday 31st March! As if that wasn't enough, we've also put together a short promo video demonstrating Tremulous' gameplay. It's available in both high (40Mb) and low (11Mb) quality versions.

Timbo, Sunday 29th of January 2006 00:30:14 GMT Balance data and stand-alone predictions

Hello! Any game featuring two non-identical teams is going to suffer from balance problems at one point or another. Tremulous is no exception. Starting with 1.0.2 however, Tremulous' balance issues are more or less resolved, at least to an acceptable tolerance. The balance statistics for each release are shown in the graphs below.

Given that there are in the region of 500 individual variables that affect balance in one way or another, I think getting it this close is pretty good. In actual fact, at this point in the time, the balance is good enough that the map is a much more dominant factor in game balance than the the afore-mentioned variables -- as it should be.

Now for the news. Work on the standalone version has progressed to the point where we have only very little media left to replace. In terms of programming, Tremulous is in a finished state bar a short testing phase. Tremulous will inherit all of ioq3's features as detailed in its README. A couple of features have also been added to Tremulous with the standalone version. Firstly, a scriptable trail system. This is used for the pulse rifle and tesla generator as seen below. Basically this allows the trail effects to be defined externally to the code, so no code recompile or programmer is necessary to change the effects. The other two shots show the new tutorial mode. This indicates which controls are available to the player in a context sensitive manner. Hopefully this will help slacken the learning curve a little bit and cut down on newbie questions during the game.

Assuming there are no last minute disasters and testing goes to plan (keep an eye on the forums if you want to participate), you should expect standalone Tremulous 1.1.0 to be released within the next few weeks.

Timbo, Wednesday 2nd of November 2005 02:35:33 GMT Oops

So apparently Sourceforge upgraded their MySQL server to version 4. Apparently they sent mails out saying they were going to turn the MySQL version 3 server off on November the 1st. Apparently I'm a muppet and I didn't read them. Apparently I should be writing a support request asking for a database backup.

There will now be a short intermission.

In the meantime, you can still get the files from our project page. The forum is dead for the moment.

Update: Phew!, all better now.

Timbo, Sunday 9th of October 2005 17:41:27 GMT 1.0.2 release

OK, I lied. There is another release before the stand alone version: 1.0.2. The focus is much the same as for 1.0.1, i.e. balance tweaks and bug fixes. The primary reason for making another release is that we've reached a point with the 1.0.1 data where it is clear what the changes accomplished, and gathering further data is essentially useless.

Work continues on the stand alone version. I have been spending a lot of time contributing to icculus.org Q3 with a view to using it as base. The vast majority of known Q3 bugs have been squashed, and certainly all the serious ones. I can heartily recommend it as a good client to use for playing Tremulous, assuming you're comfortable compiling it yourself. Note it's possible to compile a Windows client with MinGW, so you don't need expensive tools like Visual Studio to get your feet wet.

Timbo, Thursday 8th of September 2005 17:45:01 GMT 1.0.1 release

1.0.1 is out. This is primarily a balance tweak release, but it also contains a few bug fixes. Check the included ChangeLog for details. The data gleamed from 210 hours of play was invaluable in making the decisions for 1.0.1. In a short time we should be able to tell in what direction things have moved balance wise, and by how much. With a bit of luck it should be a significant improvement.

Barring any major show stoppers, this will probably be the last release of Tremulous that requires Quake 3. After a short break I'll dive into knocking out a preliminary standalone version, so that we can determine the amount of work involved.

Have fun!

Timbo, Sunday 28th of August 2005 02:13:04 GMT Post-release and the future

Hello! So the release all went smoothly and without incident. The number of people having trouble getting Tremulous going has been relatively small, which I think justifies the time I spent putting the installers together. To date there have been in excess of 3000 downloads from Sourceforge alone, from which we seem to be getting approximately 100 new downloads every day; long may it continue!

In the two and a bit weeks since we released 1.0, there have been about 400 games on server.tremulous.net, comprised of 240 unique player names. During testing we peaked at around 10 games a week, so it was difficult to accumulate balancing data. Now on the other hand, we have plenty of data, so getting the balance tuned should prove significantly easier. It should be obvious to any one who has played in the last couple of weeks that the balance is a little skewed towards the aliens at the moment. Pleasingly however, this doesn't seem to be putting too many people off, so I must have done something right.

We plan to release a patch (1.0.1) in the coming weeks to address the balance issues. The important changes include the addition of a "Medkit" upgrade to replace the "Anti-tox". This allows the user to heal themselves in the field, with a view to increasing the sustainability of human attacks. To the same end, maximum ammo quantities on all of the guns have been increased. On the alien side, the Tyrant damage values have been toned down somewhat, and the Advanced Marauder lightning attack has been reworked such that it actually requires a modicum of skill to use. I've made numerous other tweaks here any there, the details of which I'll include with the patch. I don't have an exact timescale for this update, suffice to say it shouldn't be too long. We might need a few testers closer to the time, keep an eye on the Feedback forum if you're interested in helping out.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past wee while, you'll be aware that id has released the full Quake 3 source code under the GPL license. The impact for us is that it opens the door to developing a stand alone version of Tremulous that doesn't require Quake 3 to be installed. Such a version of Tremulous has the potential to attract a whole new cross-section of players that never bought or no longer have Quake 3. We are still evaluating the precise amount of work involved in such a project, but I am reasonably confident that it is relatively small. The biggest problem is having to replace every single piece of media that we inherit from Quake 3. This includes things such as textures, brass models and the odd sound. After the aforementioned patch is released I'll concentrate on building a preliminary version so we can see exactly how much work is involved. Right now then, I can say that we will probably attempt to make Tremulous stand alone. Watch this space.

Timbo, Thursday 11th of August 2005 21:00:26 GMT Tremulous released!

It's out!

Timbo, Thursday 11th of August 2005 16:05:15 GMT Tremulous release tonight

After a long time in development, Tremulous for Q3 is to be released tonight (Thursday August 11th) at 2100GMT. Installers for Windows and Linux will be available, each about 90Mb in size. Please join #tremulous on irc.quakenet.org in order to get the download as soon as it is available.

Tremulous is a total conversion for Quake III: Arena that blends real-time strategy elements with first-person combat in a futuristic setting. Players may fight as either aliens or humans, choosing between dozens of unique abilities or helping their team by constructing bases out of a multitude of buildable structures.

Tremulous also makes several enhancements to the the Quake 3 engine including a powerful particle system, an enhanced head-up display, and a flexible map system including animated mapobjects and light flares. These changes and the rest of the Tremulous source code are made available to the public under the Open Source Mod License.

Further information is available in the manual.

Timbo, Sunday 7th of August 2005 14:21:09 GMT Tremulous release announcement

Stop the presses! The pigs are flying! Hell has frozen over! After an embarrassingly long time, we're finally releasing Tremulous 1.0 on Thursday the 11th of August at 21:00 GMT. Installers for Windows and for Linux will be available, each being approximately 100Mb in size. In the run up to the release, we now have a manual that explains Tremulous in detail. As is seemingly customary on these occasions, there will be an IRC release party in the channel #tremulous on irc.quakenet.org. If you are able to provide a server on Thursday it would be much appreciated, please get in touch.

Timbo, Thursday 23rd of June 2005 23:25:14 GMT Mailing list for testing

No news is good news? I'm not sure. Anyway, this is just a quick note to say I've set up a mailing list used to organise testing of Tremulous. Asking people to get on IRC or the forums wasn't working. So if you're interested in participating in the final push before the big 1.0, details are here.

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