OverFlow, Sunday 4th of February 2007 10:44:41 GMT Tremulous Wins the ModDB Contest!

Tremulous has won ModDB.com's "Standalone Game of the Year" contest. Thanks to everyone for your support! The contest and our success has really put the development team into high gear for the next patch.

In addition to this honor, Tremulous also got honorable mentions in the genre category action and the editor's choice standalone game of the year.

1st Place: Player's Choice Standalone Game of the Year

Honorable Mention: Genre Award: Action

Honorable Mention: Editor's Choice Standalone Game of the Year

OverFlow, Friday 2nd of February 2007 11:56:39 GMT Another new map!

As promised, I'm releasing another map. It's called Flap.

The map is fairly symmetrical in that the two paths to each base are identical. However, each base itself is quite different. One of the major differences is the inclusion of a dark fog in the alien base, something which I hope will provide for some interesting battles. The map is somewhat unique in that it is very vertical, requiring the use of jump pads to get up, and low gravity tubes to get down without getting hurt.

In order to get to the enemy base, you must first travel up to the very top level where the two paths from each base all meet, then choose a path and jump down to their level.

As you may notice in the screenshots, there are a number of colored arrows, which gleefully spin and bob to help players get around the map and make sure they enter the right vertical travel tubes.

Have fun!
Download (5.79 MB)

To install, save the file to your tremulous/base/ folder. Make sure your browser saves the file as a .pk3, NOT a .zip file. If it insists on saving as a .zip, rename the extension after its done downloading.

DASPRiD, Monday 15th of January 2007 06:55:18 GMT Ancient Remains released

After over 16 weeks of development, I've decided to release Ancients Remains before Tremulous 1.2. This way the community can test the map and suggest changes for the version which will be delivered in the next Tremulous release.

You can download it directly from my website. It's currently in the cycle of my personal Server, but will be in several other cycles soon. Any suggestions go to the forum. There are some known glitches in the current version left, but they will be fixed with the next release. Get it now and have fun with playing something new:


OverFlow, Saturday 6th of January 2007 06:41:51 GMT New Website!

Welcome to the new Tremulous website! DASPRiD has been hard at work on this thing, and it shows. We've added a few more sections and such, just look around. The forums are backed up from before and your old accounts should work fine, although there were a few posts lost from the time the database was downloaded to the time the old forums were shut down.

Hopefully someone will also change the forum's look to match our new pretty website too...

OverFlow, Friday 29th of December 2006 04:39:41 GMT Mod DB contest nearly done

There are only 3 days left in the Mod DB contest, and if you haven't voted yet I highly suggest you do! Tremulous has a very good chance of winning the 'Best Standalone Game of the Year' and some nifty prizes. So, if you like Tremulous and would like to help us out, please vote!

To help promote ourselves, I've also put together a small video which you can find on:
DASPRiD's Mirror
ModDB.com (May have advertising)

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and have a happy new year!

OverFlow, Tuesday 21st of November 2006 00:27:53 GMT Mod DB contest

Player numbers for Tremulous have been quite high, considering the hit that immediately took place once high school started in the U.S. We're just about hitting 500 players peak on the weekends. We also hit 96 servers recently, a number we would have been astounded to see as the number of players at the time when we first released Tremulous 1.0.0. There have also been well over 300,000 downloads of tremulous from SourceForge alone, equating to over 30TB of data downloaded!

There's also news going on over at Mod DB:
Firstly, they have posted a review of Tremulous, giving it, in my opinion, quite good marks.

Secondly, they are running the annual "Mod of the Year" contest. The contest this year has a "Standalone Game of the Year" which I think Tremulous has a very good chance of winning. The contest is run in two phases. The first involves nomination which I believe is open to all people. The second phase takes the top 100 nominated mods and allows ModDB members to vote on them, picking their top three choices. I figure at this point the stand alone category will be pretty slim, and we should have it in the bag. So here's what I need you loyal fans of Tremulous (and anyone else who sees this) to do:
Go to the Tremulous ModDB Site and click on the big button that says: "Vote Now".

For more information on the topic or for your comments please see this forum post.

Vote in the Mod of the Year Awards

Lastly, DASPRiD put on a neat online radio show this weekend called TremRadio. You can download the live broadcast in this forum post. The actual talking bit starts about one hour in, and is broken up into segments with a hearty selection of metal music.

Timbo, Tuesday 25th of July 2006 21:42:22 GMT Success, the future and the community

I think we've all been rather overwhelmed with the apparent success of Tremulous. Going standalone has certainly had a huge impact on the number of players. Since the release of 1.1.0 there has not been a single moment without several games being played somewhere in the world. More recently it has grown further such that we've had an average of around 250 players playing at any one time, up to a maximum of about 400. 1.1.0 has now been downloaded over 150 000 times and over 60 000 games have been played. A lot of this is down to some excellent publicity that we've had:

Consolevania Independents Day episode (warning: adult content)
One digg and another

All we need now is a good slashdotting. A number of Tremulous sites also seem to have sprung up:

http://tremulous.info/ - Probably the best Tremulous portal
http://www.tremulous.com.br/ - Brazilian site
http://tremulous-fr.geeknode.org/ - French site
http://de.tremulous.info/ - German site
http://www.capponcino.it/tremulous/ - Italian site
http://www.tremolous.pun.pl/ - Polish Site
http://tremulous.h16.ru/ - Russian site
http://www.tremulous.net.ru/ - Another Russian site
http://www.tremulous.websnadno.cz/ - Czech site
http://tremulousevolution.googlepages.com/ - Spanish site
http://tremulous.org/ - Fan site
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tremulous - Wikipedia entry
http://www.mobygames.com/game/tremulous - Mobygames entry
http://trem.arena-zone.com/ - Tremulous Clan League
http://www.tremwiki.com/ - A Tremulous Wiki

Apologies if I missed any. Feel free to mail me if I have. For the Linux people, Tremulous has also made it into Debian unstable, Ubuntu Edgy and I understand will soon be in Gentoo.

I've been getting a steady stream of email, forum private messages and IRC queries from people asking when the next version of Trem is going to be done. I'm not going to commit to anything purely because I have done in the past and invariably missed the prediction. So, some time after now and before a point in the future. As far as the content of the next version goes, it will focus mainly on fixing bugs, exploits and reducing the harm malicious players are able to perform. There may be one or two new features, but don't expect anything too radical, at least for the first update. In terms of overall balance, Tremulous appears to have regressed to a pre-1.0.2 make up. Given that very little changed in terms of gameplay from 1.0.2 to 1.1.0 and that certain servers are (statistically) more balanced than others, I think it's safe to draw the conclusion that player experience is still having a fairly large impact on our balance statistics. It's difficult to know exactly how to address this, as it's not clear whether it's better to bias the balance towards lesser or more experienced players. What is excellent however is that now we have more balance data than we know what to do with. It really makes our pre-1.1.0 data look rather spartan and pathetic. Also, given we now have a sizeable player base, testing and tuning the next version should prove significantly easier (I hope). Cheers.

p.s. While I'm here, I might as well take the opportunity to point out the link with the dollar signs on it in, up in the top right there. I think you know what that's for ;).

Jex, Tuesday 30th of May 2006 16:55:28 GMT Community websites

Megabite has put up a helpful Tremulous website. As well as providing the latest community news, the site provides a centralised location for new maps. Add this one to your bookmarks!

Megabite's Tremulous Infobase

It should also be mentioned that Planet Tremulous is in the works. Hopefully the site will be available soon.

Planet Tremulous

Timbo, Friday 31st of March 2006 20:00:01 GMT Standalone version released

The stand alone version of Tremulous is released!

I highly recommend you at least skim over Norfenstein's quick start guide before playing. Further information is available in the manual.


If you have the Q3 version of Tremulous installed, please uninstall it before installing the stand alone version.

Timbo, Thursday 30th of March 2006 22:14:37 GMT Tremulous release tomorrow!

Tremulous will be released tomorrow (Friday) at 2000GMT. If you want to know the second it's released, what server to play on, or just want to talk about Tremulous, join the IRC channel: #tremulous irc.quakenet.org. See you there!

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