Khalsa, Wednesday 6th of May 2009 16:08:08 GMT Help stress test the new master server

Benmachine has been hard at work making a brand new master server (using python) with some nifty new features and whatnot. Now we need some help in testing and debugging, and would like some real-life info to work with. We ask that server owners please set sv_master2 to

Thanks for your continued support while we develop the next version of Tremulous!

Khalsa, Sunday 14th of December 2008 06:56:40 GMT Tremulous Merchandise!

We're happy to announce that Tremulous has partnered with the Ministry Of Frag to sell various Tremulous-branded merchandise, the first item being this awesome t-shirt:

A portion of every sale goes directly to the Tremulous Developers, and the rest goes towards other open source type stuff and future merchandise. Check out the launch thread on the forums or head right over to the MoFrag website to get your shirts now while they last!

Khalsa, Friday 7th of November 2008 05:28:28 GMT Say 'HI!' to the newest developers!

Development on the next version of Tremulous remains going strong, with constant testing and weekly official games on the MGDev server. In fact, we've recently added two new regular contributors to the development team: Chris "Lakitu7" Schwarz, and Ben "benmachine" Millwood. Both have contributed a large amount of work on Tremulous in the past: Lakitu7 is known for his widely used Tremulous QVM, while benmachine has done a fair bit for the modding scene. Give a welcoming round of applause for the new additions, and make sure to say "hi" if you get a chance!

Khalsa, Thursday 19th of June 2008 22:33:42 GMT Quick Update, and how you can help!

We are making progress and development of the next version of Tremulous continues. Norfenstein is still testing balance changes with the help of the Mercenaries Guild, by playing on the }MG{ Development Server you will help us create the balance statistics we need to gauge individual changes - so play on the server today! Instructions on how to join are here.

Khalsa and Dasprid have started a series of threads asking for input for the communities input on various topics, starting with the new website, so keep your eyes open for more of those and have your opinion heard today!

Timbo, Tuesday 29th of January 2008 18:41:43 GMT awards

Tremulous has placed 5th in the annual competition, despite no new version being released since we won the same competition last year. Speaking of which, work continues on Tremulous, slowly but steadily. Most of the non-player visible system level features have now been completed, so things should get more interesting otherwise. The Mercenaries Guild guys have been hugely helpful by working on experimental balance changes under the direction of Norfenstein. You can help out here by playing on their server, thus creating more balance data with which to further refine the game.

Timbo, Monday 16th of July 2007 03:15:05 GMT Sourceforge CCA

Tremulous has been nominated as a finalist in the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards. Please vote for us!

DASPRiD, Wednesday 4th of July 2007 18:06:29 GMT Tremradio Relaunch

After over 2 months, Tremradio will finally broadcast again. Regardless of whether you didn't listen to Tremradio yet, or you just missed us, join the fun and tune in on Saturday, the 7th July 2007 at 21:00 CEST. We will bring you a special show, with an overview of the last months and much new music. This time, the are going to bring you a very long show, more than you are used to.

If you want to get more information on how to connect to the stream or just download some of the old shows, visit the project microsite:

Timbo, Saturday 21st of April 2007 19:46:54 GMT New master server

The master server has changed over to a new hosting provider this weekend. As such the IP address is now different. For servers which are using recent patches from the subversion repository this should not pose a problem, but those running the original 1.1.0 release will need to be restarted in order to be listed on the new master server. Apologies for the inconvenience.

OverFlow, Sunday 1st of April 2007 13:37:58 GMT Happy Birthday Tremulous 1.1!

The standalone version of Tremulous (version 1.1) was released just a smidgen over 1 year ago, and since that time, there has never been a time when no one was playing!

There have been just over 440,000 downloads of Trem 1.1, equating to 45 TB of data just from our mirror. We expect a number well over half a million downloads all-in-all.

I've put together a little annotated graph of average player numbers over the last year (almost).

Rest assured that work on Tremulous 1.2 is still in progress and will be ready for play soon.

DASPRiD, Thursday 22nd of February 2007 04:34:37 GMT TremRadio - Talking about Tremulous 1.2

While the development of Tremulous moves forward, and not every progress is recorded on the website or in the forums, TremRadio will bring you all the new information about the upcoming version this Saturday, the 24th February.

As every Saturday, we will start streaming at 20:00 GMT and run the startup with pure metal music for an entire hour. Then you will first get a big portion of new information, before we go over to the weekly news at the end of the show. For all our new listeners, we will not only discuss about new changes, but also about everything else, which was done so far.

To speak to your host DASPRiD while the show is running, you can visit our IRC channel #tremradio on Quakenet. Our radio stream can be reached either by the direct URL or through the playlist.


If you are on windows, you may either use Winamp 5 or VLC Player. If you have any trouble connecting to the stream, just ask for help in our IRC channel.

So don't miss this piece of history and tune in on TremRadio!

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