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 on: July 30, 2014, 06:21:35 AM 
Started by FreaK - Last post by FreaK

What: >< vs Fk
Map: ATCS (for pros)
Round One:

Round Two:

Why: Foreign Killers believes Xenocide is washed up. One might think they're being hypocritical; we just think they're stupid. Thus, this was a public challenge: Foreign Killers, stop talking like you are anything in this community. You're not a good clan ( as we dominate you in every scrim)! Oh yeah, and please unban us! It will be rather hard to do future scrims if you don't.

 on: July 30, 2014, 12:31:19 AM 
Started by nos.gramflaks - Last post by your face
this is the truth believe it and it will set you free

 on: July 30, 2014, 12:27:40 AM 
Started by Ryanw4390 - Last post by your face

 on: July 30, 2014, 12:26:05 AM 
Started by nos.gramflaks - Last post by your face

 on: July 23, 2014, 11:29:51 AM 
Started by Vape - Last post by Vape
  • hax are obviously allowed, right?
  • where will the server be hosted?
  • which version of Tremulous will be used?
  • how many spectator slots will there be during the matches? will the demos be released?

  • i propose that each player must record a full demo of his/her view, and then publish it here.
  • i offer to provide support related to the development or technical details of the game.

1. Hax are obviously allowed if Fk is particpating
2. We have gotten permission to use the Fk, and PK server. We are also looking into possibly getting a Euro server hosted if any Euro teams should particpate.
3. 1.1
4-5. Yes each player will be required to demo the entirity of the match, send them to the particpating referee, then they will be posted for the public. Failure of any player to do so will result in the forfeit of their match.
6 Thank you. I will be in contact.

lies, huge lies
offering a prize and then not giving it (withdrawing the competition only after at least 1 team has spent considerable time preparing for the competition, cutting the competition in the middle, etc.) is illegal (in PROPER(TM) jurisdictions), so should sue if these turn out to be lies.

I'm not sure of the point of this post. This is not a troll tournament with a fake prize. Anyone that knows me can vouche for my crediblity. If you've been on Trem 1.1 this week you will have seen players that have not played the game in 3+ years returning and having fun again with pub games and scrims and this is due in large part to this tournament and the reaching out many people are doing to bring back old friends to make this game fun and competitive like it once was for this tournament.

Other players have contacted me and expressed interest in contributing to the prize pool. From extra cash to free Steam games. These will not be added until I get a verbal comittment from said players when the tournament is close to starting. The prize pool as of now is a certain $200. It's certain because that's what I'm putting forward to a community and playerbase I've been apart of for nearly 7 years to add any incentive to get some more players back and make this tournament more competitive and fun. Any method of payment I am asked and able to do will be done. Also I've been getting asked how the money is going to be split between the clan... use common sense. The less members of your clan you use the more money per player will get. You can have a team of 4 all tournament and just split everything between the 4 of you.

Team/Clan Additions/Updates

{&} has now joined.
One. members have expressed interest in joining, but I have not been contacted by them personally, so a post here with their participating team roster and they will be added.

The tournament will not start until we have a minimum of 5 teams. Scheduling and fine tuning of rules will be discussed amongst the particpating teams when a minimum of 5 teams have committed.

 on: July 22, 2014, 04:23:20 PM 
Started by Quovatis - Last post by LloydGiulianis

Muscles had they none; only tireless mechanisms, ceaseless in their attacks, swift in their blows, and terrific in their power. Flesh had they none, only a steely outer coating made of some foreign substance, to us, anyways, which our bullets did little more than dent. The mass had assaulted our base for going on three days, and what with the "combat credits" system we had little more than rudimentary weapons to beat back these abhorrent rejections of nature. Two of the new bloods, ferried in through our teleportation modules, had been claimed by these disgusting things little after enthusiastically agreeing to go on a raiding party. Such unbridled confidence quaked in the path of those gigantic, razor-talonned behemoths. I idly flicked the ash off of my cigarette bud; it cost the Capitol quite a lot to send items (and men) via teleportation, but Boss had managed to sneak in a carton for the guys' sakes. Fending off flesh-thirsting creatures without reward, as we were not paid well, was not very encouraging. I shivered as the calming effect of the cigarette went into action. The boss's policy was one dead devil-spawn, was two cigarettes manufactured by
electronic cigarettes manufacturer. I had helped take out one of the larger ones that could leap on you from afar, so I stashed my other cigarette in my personal gun-cabinet of the armory, withdrew my mass driver and a pain saw besides, and walked casually to our tertiary turret line. A few of the fast creatures might show up here every now and then if they managed to evade the main line's fire (An impressive hail of electric tendrils greeted any and all of the creatures brave or dumb enough to step forth), so I figured I might catch an easy kill. After about an hour nothing showed up but one of the small mousy ones, which was mopped up by the turrets. I advanced forward past the empty redoubt line to the chaos of the front line. I paled at what I saw. All but a meager three of the tesla coils had been ripped to scrap by these malignant creatures, and, moreso adding to my disbelief, the limp, blood-caked body of Boss hung from an absolutely enormous creature's talon... Easily three times myself in size and doubly as hefty in width. Something out of a demented Lovecraft tale. As he might have said, it could not be unseen.

The next few moments can only be described as a total failure. Good men retreated to the redoubt bunker to be set upon by those ghastly creatures. Carving a steady line of death and destruction through the mayhem was that enormous creature. I examined it through my mass-driver and saw it lacked any visible sensory organs, then briefly wondered why the fuck I was examining a god-forsaken monster in the middle of a disaster. I thumbed the activation pad of the mass-driver and the seering hot orb of depleted uranium, propelled by magnets, imbedded itself in the creature's chest-plate, and it issued a retributious look at me. Defiantly, I took aim again, then realized how silly the notion of standing up to this demon on my own was. I quickly ducked into the bunker door and slapped my hand on the activation pad. The entryway was blocked swiftly by a two-ton titanium door that would keep those freaks at bay for the time being. A platoon of men, apparently lucky enough to be enjoying their break at the time of the attack, were quivering faintly. I looked back and the door was distended, and torn in-twain by a powerful, mechanical claw. A small sea of the beast's brood swarmed inwards. A hail of frantic fire came. Small-caliber rounds discharged wildly, glancing across polished, steel-infused concrete and past my head. One of the better soldiers discharged a flamethrower, which kept all of the foul beings back for a while, but without an armory he ran out of ammo evantually. The spawn set upon the group of men, their horrible, pincerlike, robotic mouths wrending human flesh, ligament, and bone alike.

I backed into a corner, unseen, as of yet, if these creatures could indeed see at all. A feeling of calm came over me as I contemplated my next moves. The head of the attack was at the front, spearheading the vicious attack upon the lone platoon. I silently unslung my pain saw and discarded my mass driver, creeping forward into the feeding mass. If they had senses, they must have been dulled by their blood lust, because even as I activated the saw, a heavenly glow of idle, ionized air issuing around the rounded tip, the creatures noticed me not. Visceral, primal emotions stirred within me at the loss of this sector, of my friends, captain, and the attrition, or eradication thereof, of our military company... Caution thrown out of consideration, I toggled the pain-saw on and vicious, jagged plasma rotated around the saw tip. I dove forward and the tip, as if guided by its own conscious, delved into the largest beast's side, grinding its way through the hard exoskelaton to soft matter underneath. A demonic cry issued from the creature's extended, blood-soaked maw. A thousand spindly legs descended upon me, and I shook them off. This wouldn't take long. While the foul spawn recovered, I unhooked my compression grenade and popped the cap off, slamming my fist on the activation button. Ramming it into the mechanical fiend's now gaping wound, I yelled a resounding "Fuck you too!" before a flame budded in the creature's chest, and I, and likely everything else in that bunker, knew no more.

Just awesome one. Sorry for posting in bit old thread but the stuff is really very exciting..

 on: July 22, 2014, 06:15:52 AM 
Started by Vape - Last post by ArmoredPenguin0
1. Timed Evos/Credits are OFF
2. Team size: 4v4
3. Time limit is 40 minutes.
4. Sudden death: 25 minutes.
5. Maps include: ATCS, Niveus, Tremor, Nexus6, Arachnid
6. Each team will play every opposing team 1 time, the top 4 teams after the round robin will then compete in a single elimation bracket to determine the winner.
7. Each team is allowed to choose their own map, 1 single map can be chosen by both teams, each map consists of two rounds. Example, rounds 1 and 2 on Team A's map, rounds 3 and 4 on Team B's map
8. Every individual player can only compete for one group 4. One clan can have multiple teams of 4 if they wish, but players may only compete for that specific team of 4 they are on.

9. Prize: $150+ USD to the winners via paypal or amazon gift cards.

10. Server being used: BB

11. How to sign up:
Post team your team here. You'll then be asked to scrim in-game to show you can actually show up and compete.

Participating clans thus far:
Club Xenocide (><)
Foreign Killers (FK|)
Player Killers (.^Pk)

13. After signups are complete, the scheduling and matchmaking will take place
1. Vanilla Tremulous rules: Freefund period is always active unless g_suddendeath
3. Not vanilla rules, but okay
4. Not vanilla rules, but okay


 on: July 19, 2014, 11:01:33 PM 
Started by Foe of Eternity - Last post by Foe of Eternity
Hey, so I was looking through old posts and found this one.

I would like to apologize for any mistrust in the release.  Unfortunately I could not find the original source, but I re-created it as close as possible and posted on github under GPL v2.  It can be found in the original post, or here.

 on: July 18, 2014, 06:51:21 AM 
Started by Vape - Last post by /dev/humancontroller
lies, huge lies
offering a prize and then not giving it (withdrawing the competition only after at least 1 team has spent considerable time preparing for the competition, cutting the competition in the middle, etc.) is illegal (in PROPER(TM) jurisdictions), so should sue if these turn out to be lies.

 on: July 18, 2014, 12:11:54 AM 
Started by Vape - Last post by Aelita
lies, huge lies

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