Could you implement a flashlight in the next version?

Tremulous does not need a flashlight. The maps are intended to be bright enough as is. If Tremulous seems dark for you try adjusting the "Brightness" control in the menu. The use of lighting as a multiplayer gameplay mechanic is foolish as it is very difficult to guarantee consistency across hardware platforms and nigh on impossible to protect against trivial exploits.

Isn't Tremulous just a copy of Natural Selection?

No. Development on Tremulous began long before NS was in the public domain. If Tremulous is inspired by anything, it is inspired by Gloom for Quake 2. NS has a similar ancestry (please see Game Developer Magazine February 2001 issue); this is probably where the confusion arises.

Where is the Mac version?

tjw has put together an unofficial Mac build. See this thread for details.

So wait, Tremulous is free?

Tremulous is based upon the GPL source release of the Quake 3 game engine. As a result the Tremulous code is also licensed under the GPL. This means that not only is Tremulous free in terms of monetary value, it is also free in the sense that you are free to use and examine it.

Does Tremulous have bots?

No. Programming bots for a game as complex as Tremulous is not a trivial task. The aliens in particular are extremely varied in their abilities and as such would each require a significant proportion of class specific AI. It is by no means impossible, but it is potentially extremely time consuming for questionable real world gain. Of course, given the open source nature of Tremulous, there is nothing stopping a third party implementing bots.

Do you have an IRC channel?

Yes, #tremulous on the Freenode network (

How do I make maps for Tremulous?

A good place to start would be the Tremulous Mapping Wiki which has information on how to get setup. Further queries may also be directed to the Tremulous Mapping forum.